Clinical Supervision

I offer a contemplative approach to clinical supervision, that incorporates a presentation form called Body, Speech and Mind. This supervision format emphasises descriptive detail in casework presentation, and is designed to support a non-judgemental and respectful holding of client work by supervisor and supervisee. It enables the uncovering of information which is extremely useful in clinical work, and encourages the qualities of waiting, not knowing, attuning to the felt sense, and seeing what emerges within the context of mindful awareness. It supports the client who is being brought to supervision to emerge as a living presence, and for those present to attend to, and share, their responses. It invites appreciative enquiry and a curiosity about how a particular dilemma fits into a person's life as a whole.

We may at times explore, through movement, aspects of client and therapist process which is of a non-verbal and somatic nature.

I currently supervise accredited and trainee counsellors and psychotherapists. I now wish to extend this to group supervision. I welcome different modalities.

To enquire about individual supervision, or to join a group, please contact me for more information.

Groups will run from autumn 2014 through to summer 2015 monthly, initially Thursday evenings and Friday mornings. It is envisaged that the groups will comprise up to four people.

Bethan Elsdale

2b Clarence Street



Tel: 0131 555 1836 Mob: 07954 610799